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Must Have Safety Features to Include in Your Alarm System

Having a good alarm system is crucial to feeling safe and secure. There are so many different types out there, but having the right safety features included in your alarm system will determine the amount of protection included. Here are the top 5 “must haves” in alarm system safety features:

Professional Monitoring

Knowing that you’ve purchased a top of the line security system will make you feel at ease, but knowing there’s a full-time staff working on your behalf around-the-clock. While you and your family sleep, our Monitoring Center is constantly watching the signals that come from your home.


Fire System

Another important feature to have is fire safety. Whether you are at home or away, the fire safety feature will help keep your mind at ease. If there is a malfunction in your home that results in a fire or even just an alarm, our Monitoring Center will assess the situation and contact the local fire department on your behalf. All you need to worry about is getting your family to safety in the event of an emergency.


Medical and Life Safety

How many stories have you heard of someone that suffers a health condition while they are alone or with a younger child? Having an alarm system that can contact paramedics with just the touch of a button adds to the security of your family, home and life in general. Nothing is more comforting than knowing that in an emergency, the paramedics are literally just a click away.


Security Cameras and Video Monitoring

Whether you’re away on a business trip, leaving your children at home with a sitter, or simply tucked into your bed at night, security cameras and video monitors can keep you and your family safe. Some even include features that allow you to see what is happening straight from your phone!

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Water Automation

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with the damage that comes from leaking or busted pipes, but with our integrated water automation system in place, you’ll never have to worry about trying to find the water valve in case of a problem. Automated water valves will allow you to turn the water on and off from your computer, your tablet, or your smart phone.

If you need to feel safe and secure, including these features when installing your alarm systems in New Orleans will do just that. There are many different alarm systems out there, but not all of them will keep you safe from all types of disasters. Finding the right one is crucial if you want it to do its job correctly!

Recent Results

January 2018

  • State v. A.B.B.

    • Charge: DUI
    • Court: Greenville County Magistrate Court
    • Facts: Client pulled over for swerving and weaving repeatedly
    • Result: DUI dismissed; Client receives ticket for “Reckless Driving”
  • State v. R.A.S.

    • Charge: DUI and Simple Possession (Marijuana)
    • Court: Greenville County Magistrate Court
    • Facts: Police called by EMS after Client had fainted
    • Result: DUI dismissed; Client receives ticket for “Reckless Driving”
  • State v L. S. H.

    • Charge: DUI, Assault & Battery 3rd Degree
    • Court: Greenville County Magistrate Court
    • Facts: Client involved in a two-vehicle collision
    • Result: DUI dismissed; Client receives ticket for “Reckless Driving”
  • State v. M.D.E.

    • Charge: DUI
    • Court: Easley Municipal Court
    • Facts: Client pulled over for not using a turn signal
    • Result: DUI dismissed; Client receives a two-point traffic ticket

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