Professional Endorsements


William Head, DUI/DWI Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“I met Steve over a decade ago, through my recently departed friend, Reese Joye. Reese always spoke highly of Steve, and had told me about Steve’s background as a prosecutor, before he went into criminal defense work. I have visited Steve’s office in Greenville. Steve has been to my home in Atlanta. I can’t imagine having a case in the Greenville area and not hiring Steve Sumner to handle it. I regularly send him cases with complete confidence that it will be handled with skill. I have never been disappointed. Steve has a top-level staff and a first class operation.”

Justin McShane, DUI/DWI Attorney, Harrisburg, PA

“Attorney Sumner is an advocate for justice and right. He constantly uses his reputation, knowledge and experience for the benefit of the citizen among us who has been accused of a crime. Known for working long hours with a great attention for detail, Attorney Sumner is a very skilled trial advocate.”

Mark Stevens, DUI/DWI Attorney, Salem, NH

“I endorse Attorney Steve Sumner. Attorney Sumner is tenacious, dedicated and experienced in defending the rights of the accused in South Carolina. If you are looking for a tough, intelligent criminal defense lawyer in South Carolina you would be wise to contact Attorney Steve Sumner. If my clients find themselves in trouble in South Carolina I would recommend Attorney Sumner to help them try to save their license and protect their freedom.”

Harley Wagner, DUI/DWI Attorney, Martinsburg, WV

“Having been a member in the National College for DUI Defense for over 10 years now and upwards of 25 national DUI training seminars attended, I have been privileged to get to know many of our nation’s finest and most respected DUI/DWI defense attorneys. Steve Sumner is assuredly amongst this group. I proudly endorse Steve Sumner and recommend him to anyone charged wtih DUI/DWI in South Carolina.”

Scott Joye, DUI/DWI Attorney, Murrells Inlet, SC

“Steve is a go to guy in the Greenville area. I endorse him without reservation. He will be prepared to go the distance in helping with a DUI violation. He has spent a tremendous amount of time in learning not only the law in the complicated area of DUI defense, but also the science in breath and blood testing.”

Bill Powers, DUI/DWI Attorney, Charlotte, NC

“Steve is my regular “go-to guy” in upstate South Carolina, especially for DWI DUI defense. I regularly refer matters to his office and have received nothing but glowing reviews. I trust him and frankly, I’d call him for advice personally. His staff is EXTREMELY friendly and professional.”

Zaki Ali, Criminal Defense Attorney, Anderson, IN

“I gladly endorse the work of Steve Sumner. He is a hard working and extremely intelligent DUI defense attorney who has a record of winning that would make any attorney proud. But beyond that he’s just a great guy. Easy to talk to and eager to actually help people who come to him at a very dark time.”

Brian Leininger, DUI/DWI Attorney, Leawood, KS

“Steve Sumner is the person to go to for a DUI case in South Carolina. He is on top of all the scientific and legal developments in this area of the law and works tirelessly for his clients.”

Scott Anderson, Personal Injury Lawyer, Greenville, SC

“I highly recommend Steve Sumner to anyone seeking representation in a DUI matter in the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area. Steve has tightly focused his practice on this area of law. I regularly refer clients to Steve on these matters because I know he provides skilled, aggressive representation.”

Andrew Arnold, Employment/Labor Attorney, Greenville, SC

“Whenever I have a friend or client who has been charged with DUI and is seeking a referral, the first name I give them is Steve’s. He is experienced and skilled, but perhaps more importantly, he is ethical. I can endorse Steve without reservation.”

Calvin Carroll, DUI/DWI Attorney, Charleston, SC

“Steve is a true champion in defending citizens charged with DUI. He demonstrates an uncommon commitment to excellence from beginning to end of these complex cases.”

Eric Philpot, Car/Auto Accident Lawyer, Greenville, SC

“Steve is an excellent defense lawyer. The primary focus of his practice is DUI defense. This enables him to focus his time and resources on this specific area of the law. This benefits his clients immeasurably. I highly recommend his services.”

Recent Results

August 2018

  • State v. M.A.

    • Charge: DUI, Simple Possession of Marijuana, and Driving Under a Suspended License.
    • Facts: Client pulled over for speeding.
    • Result: DUI charges dropped. Client pleads guilty to Speeding.
  • State v. D.C.S.

    • Charge: Arrested for DUI
    • Facts: Client called to pick up son in police custody.
    • Result: DUI charges dropped; Client pleads guilty to Public Disorderly Conduct and agrees to pay court fines and perform community service.
  • State v. W.L.B.

    • Charge: DUI
    • Facts: Officer responded to a phone call complaining of an impaired driver.
    • Result: DUI dismissed and ticket for Reckless Driving plus court fees and mandatory community service hours
  • State v. C.L.R.

    • Charge: DUI
    • Facts: Client was pulled over for having a tail light out and for failing to maintain lane.
    • Result: DUI dismissed and ticket for Reckless and court fine levied.
  • State v. D.J.M.

    • Charge: DUI and Child Endangerment
    • Facts: Officer responded to a three vehicle collision in Traveler’s Rest
    • Result: Above charges dismissed with new Reckless Driving ticket issues and court fines levied.

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