You’ve been arrested. Now What?

The Most Important Steps to Take After a DUI Arrest

An arrest is NOT a conviction! Just because you’ve been arrested, doesn’t mean you’re guilty. You can take certain steps right away that will help you tremendously down the line. Don’t wait — take these steps today!

1. Get Your Car Back Immediately

2. Gather All Your Paperwork

3. Hire an Experienced DUI Lawyer

A Look at Our Proven Process

Being arrested for DUI is a traumatic experience, and the loss of your freedom — even for a short amount of time — can be stressful. But remember, an arrest is not a conviction. All that’s needed to arrest or charge someone is suspicion on an officer’s part that a crime occurred; however, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is required for a conviction.

Above all, there’s no substitute for the experience & advice of a veteran DUI lawyer.

Each state has different laws/punishments for DUI, and many websites are not current. This means any information you may find on the internet in regards to DUI is for general information only and might not even be correct.

However, we are always up to date on new laws, developments, and information regarding DUI cases. We also know each case has its own characteristics, and if you allow us to represent you, we’ll use our years of experience and extensive knowledge to fight for your rights.

Below is a general outline of what to expect as your case moves from beginning to end:

Complete Required Forms

As soon as you decide to let us represent you, we will ask you to complete our Medical Questionnaire and Summary of Events.

Restore Your Driving Privileges

If your driver’s license is seized or suspended, our office will move immediately to restore your driving privileges – usually within 72 hours. You will be given a temporary license until you have a hearing before a South Carolina DMV officer. We will represent you at this hearing, which is generally scheduled within two to three months of our request. Clients are rarely required to attend these.

Obtain All Evidence

Before we can move forward, we need to gather all evidence for the case. We will obtain any evidence you possess and also request a complete copy of all the evidence the prosecutor possesses. We usually receive this information within two to three months.

Review Case Information

We will extensively review and break down all documents and video recordings in your file. South Carolina has a complicated DUI law and we will thoroughly review this information, checking for any technical defects that would give the prosecutor’s office difficulty in seeking a DUI conviction. You will receive copies of all this information.

Develop Our Defense Strategy

Once we’ve completed the case review, we will meet with you to develop and agree upon our defense strategy. We may meet multiple times to develop the best strategy possible.

Schedule a Settlement Conference

A settlement conference usually takes place with the prosecutor to see if we can achieve the results you want without going to trial. We often have more than one settlement conference.

Prepare For Trial

It is our goal to reach an agreement with the prosecutor that meets your goals, but if we can’t, a motion hearing before a summary court judge or an actual jury trial takes place. We will confidently fight for you in court.

Still Have Questions? Check Out Our Resources

Throughout this process, our office is 100 percent available to you to make sure you know what is happening with your case. However, if you’re in need of a quick answer to a question, our Resources page addresses many of the most common DUI questions.

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