Samantha Ronson was recently arrested for a DUI in California, while driving back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Ms. Ronson has “celebrity status” primarily as being the ex-girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan. Ronson was reportedly working late the night before as a DJ at a club in Las Vegas.

The link above will show not only Ms. Ronson’s photograph from being booked on the DUI arrest, but also 15 to 20 other celebrity “mug shots” from their various misdemeanor arrests for DUI over the last few years.

At the office of attorney Steve Sumner, we understand the importance of photographs and vigorously representing our clients. When I looked over this article I thought about all of the different pictures that our office has taken that has helped gain acquittals in years past.

Some examples would be:

  1. A road filled with dirt and gravel (showing how hard it would be to walk on this surface)
  2. A dark and poorly lit area for field sobriety tests
  3. An uneven, sloping or grassy surface where field tests were offered
  4. Photographs documenting that there was no “white line” to walk
  5. Photographs showing how close to traffic a client was asked to perform field tests
  6. The curve of a road
  7. A “speed trap”
  8. A client’s ankles or knees showing past surgeries or injuries
  9. Irregular dental formations that could certainly affect a breathalyzer reading