Everyone knows you have he right to remain silent under arrest. Well, everyone who’s ever watch Cops or any sort of police drama or crime based show. However, during the stress or shock of an actual arrest, it can be hard for some to remember this important fact. Additionally, you may think some statements are innocent or non-incriminating when in fact they are. Here are some common examples of what not to say during an arrest.

  1. “Officer, I just live right over there.”
  2. “I am almost home.”
  3. “I have had a really bad week officer, can’t you cut me a break?”
  4. “I promise I won’t ever drink and drive again, can’t you just cut me a little slack?”
  5. “I got fired today.”
  6. “Okay, I admit it, I probably shouldn’t be driving.”
  7. “I am going to give my keys to my husband, and let him drive the rest of the way home, okay?”
  8. “Please don’t do this to me, I can’t have a DUI.”
  9. “I am begging you to let me call a friend to come get me.”
  10. “I will just leave my car here and call a taxi.”
  11. “Can’t you just cut me a break?”
  12. “I know I can get a friend to come and get me. I have my cell phone right
  13. “I am over the limit, I know, just let me leave my car here.”
  14. “I will walk home. I promise. I will come back and get my car tomorrow.”
  15. “Can you give me a ride?”
  16. “I am going through a real bad divorce, can’t you help me out here?”
  17. “Do you know ________________, he is a police officer and a friend of mine. Can you call him?”
  18. “I really haven’t had very much tonight, honestly.”
  19. “I have only had a couple, I swear.”
  20. “I will admit I am buzzed, but I am not drunk.”

We hope that clears up any possible misconceptions and helps you to better exercise your rights. And as always, we are here to give you a free consultation if you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge.